What does it all mean?

Are the ideas I am compelled to write simply messages I have in another time and place left for myself to help me remember my soul’s mission? 
Checkpoints internally engraved to guide my journey to where I am meant to arrive? Do I somehow already know the path ahead and in a greater realm of reality I was given the gift of enlightenment to use in the lives I will live over the course of my perceived eternity? 
Do we live life unaware of the game, unaware of the objective and blinded of the truth in it all… Are each of our lives a needed existence in order to advance humanity? Are we individual vessels called upon as a collective to illuminate the essence of one? 

Life as Lessons, Life as Love, MY NOVEL

What if…..

“In the end I realized maybe we weren’t so different after all? Perhaps, our love could never feel whole, for as individuals we never had? A love torn and tattered by the fragmented hurts we had both suffered. One love trying to conquer a million of pieces of pain. Pain known only to the two of us. One boy and one girl. Two people, equally broken, in an equal number of pieces but for completely different reasons. Yes we were both broken. Broken for thousands of reasons, in thousands of different ways. Ways the other simply couldn’t understand, regardless of will or desire.”

“There is only …

“There is only one rule that I subscribe to as an artist. An artist whose destiny gave her words. For just as the painter carefully selects his brushes to create the visions he sees within. I select words from the endless sea of language, to illuminate the reflections of my soul. That is my art.” SEH

Regardless of critic or standards, rules and regulations all that really matters in every part of art is TO KNOW WHAT ONE IS DOING, not to go sheep-like with the flock, ignorantly, unthinkingly and heedlessly. Discover the way in which to mold speech to create a form of expression trust to what the writer knows above all. 


…It’s time

….page 5

                     “Dreaming only that in writing my story in its entirety I will have painted half a picture. A picture produced from words that although printed in black seem to feel when they are read by anyone, to electrify the soul vividly with colors of their own lives.

Words that have a feeling rather than a meaning and the truth and humility of their arrangement allows for others to borrow fragments to fill the gaps within themselves. Ultimately this is the story of a journey and that journey while it is mine, yet authentically drenched in universal truths it could belong to anyone.

Insights and lessons pliable enough for anyone regardless of demographic, creed, religion, or age to find what they seek from my words form their own.

My only hope and or any desired success I seek as a writer, is to have discovered within myself the ability to leave behind just enough paint, so that after the last page is read, anyone can and will paint perfectly the other half of the picture that I began by writing this book and it will manifest into all it was ever meant to be.” ~ Untitled seh