Today I wanted to….

Today my ego and my insecurities wanted to know, wanted to look, and wanted to read words not meant for me. Finding myself in an epic tug of war for one. The parts of me, the once broken, once hurt, jaded ones,  that always crave a fix, a fix of distraction.

Distractions, figments of  nothingness,  tests upon my life. Sent from the Universe demanding I must pass them to move forward.  Yet at times these are the exact opportunities I long for. My fictitious quests, the ones in which I will surely and recklessly abandon all else.  Searching for answers.  Answers that without fail in the end will only manifest into fool’s gold for my soul.  Questions, with no answers, and mistrust without cause, spurs of hindrance and sticky webs that entangle and suffocate my will.

I have learned that life will give you every chance to be great. However, to keep the  balance of the world, you will equally so, be given every and any EXCUSE not to be. I WILL NO LONGER BE WEAK OR LOSE SIGHT OF THE TRUEST REFLECTION WITHIN!


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