Why Write?

My goal as a writer, is as undefinable as the genre, the category, the place I feel incapable of putting myself. I have felt all my life to be destined to say all I do not understand, to share not what I know but all that I do not.

An overwhelming desire to share parts of me, I hope are recognizable in others and then my ideas built upon and in the end leaving behind something more than a book upon a shelf.

However, the passion and the need of my all consuming dream is the exact notion that I can not write in narrative form.

A fact that took years to discover and even more years to accept. However, from the years of failed attempts, starts and stops, I have been lead to what I believe is the one necessary skill of any writer.

Discovering that the true magic in writing is at times so simple that for some it becomes impossible. Writing for the world, by writing about yourself is not only advantageous and intimidating but completely impossible I have discovered without absolute truth.

Truth is key for the fact that regardless of who we are, the life we have lived, the roads we taken.

Above the blessing, the losses, the successes and the destinations that we have all felt, the language of the World within us all.  I believe that good writing, good stand the test of time writing, does one thing we can not see in merely in words.

For it is composed from a place of light. Light able to illuminate our universal connection and awaken us from individual circumstance are able to awaken our souls and free our spirits.

Words not stagnant on a page but words that dance across the page and the rhythm moves us, heightening our senses to bond that makes us all the same.

For every person, looks and feels the same when they are laughing, crying, living and dying.  Outwardly and naively these things appear different, uniquely individual but in reality they stem from one well, one fountain, one love.


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