Beware Ghosts Bearing Gifts: Ezekiel Grosse and the Curse of the Rosewarne Gold


“Lawyers Are: A learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it himself” – Henry Brougham

cornwall They really need to do something about this coffin shortage.

Rosewarne Wollas (“Lower” in Cornish) was a manor house in rugged, coastal Cornwall built in 1225, and housed many generations of the aristocratic De Rosewarne family, until the reign of James I (1566-1625), right about the time of the unification of the Scottish and English crowns. As it turns out, the final De Rosewarne to own the estate was a bit of a financial screw-up.  The last lord of the manor was tangled in financial difficulties as he was busy “endeavouring, without sufficient means, to support the dignity of his family” (Hartland, 1890, p224).  Across the generations, I hear you, brother.

It didn’t particularly help De Rosewarne that his attorney and financial advisor was a certain Ezekiel Grosse, who turned out…

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