Let the Restoration Begin

The American Eagle Service

by Dahni

© Copyright 2/08/10

all rights reserved

HOWcan WEthe People regain control of OUR right to“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?WEhave delved into what won’t work in order to find what will work.

Last time I asked for your help (the 8 Re’s from the last post). The title of the list “Redux” and every item on the list used the same two letters, ‘R’ & ‘e’ or ‘Re’. Restoration uses the same first two letters, also. ‘Re’ is an important prefix and quite simply means to repeat, do something over or do something again. Like the word – ‘rejoice,’ for example. In order to rejoice, WE first needed to have joy. The point here is that these things are available and we just want to re-do or re-peat these over…

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