Presenting Mrs Augustus Seaborn Jones.

Bottled Poetry.

Mrs Seaborn Jones, c. 1826-46, by C.R. Parker. Mrs Seaborn Jones, by C.R. Parker (active c. 1826-49).
Image courtesy of The Frick Collection Digital Image Archive.

When browsing among the goods in antique stores and the occasional junk store, one inevitably comes across an old painting bearing the likeness of person whose identity is unknown — perhaps obtained from the estate of the last person who could identify them, or deaccessioned by descendants in need of cash who don’t know or care who they are.  If the shopkeeper has a sense of humor, he or she may label the painting “Instant Ancestor!” as an inducement to purchase.  Not so this oil painting, still cherished by her descendants and gracing the parlor of one of the more substantial dwellings in Charlotte County, Virginia.

The style of dress suggests that the painting dates from the early 1830s, when exaggerated puffed sleeves were abandoned for a more streamlined look, and the…

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On or about December 1910, human character changed

The Bioscope


On or about December 1910, human character changed. I am not saying that one went out, as one might into a garden, and there saw that a rose had flowered, or that a hen had laid an egg. The change was not sudden and definite like that. But a change there was, nevertheless; and, since one must be arbitrary, let us date it about the year 1910.

So wrote Virginia Woolf in her 1924 essay ‘Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown’. What a load of old elitist rhubarb, you may think, but it’s a gem of a phrase for starting up a debate, putting together a book, or organising a conference. And it’s the latter route that the Scottish Network of Modernist Studies and the British Association of Modernist Studies have taken in organising ‘The 1910 Centenary Symposium’, to be held at the University of Glasgow, December 2010, which…

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Love Transcends Space, Time, and Law

I loved the movie Interstellar. I thought the movie was well thought out and the filmography was spectacular to watch. I was completely engulfed in the movie from the start and I was thrown out the end of the movie thinking how small we are in such a vast universe.images One conversation just floored me when I saw this movie…it made me think about Love from a new point of view for the first time. In this scene, the conversation is between Cooper and Dr. Brand on the Endurance space craft as they are deciding which move to make next. What Dr Brand says is what was so eye opening to me. Dr. Brand is in love with a college that is on a potential planet for them to visit to see if it will sustain life. Cooper is letting all those involved in the decision to know that Dr…

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