OPENing Up

The futuristic manifesto was taken place in Italy, written by F. T. Marinetti in 1909 on a French newspaper.

This manifesto is quite related to the technological advances and the modification of human activities, perspectives and interactions because of them. It shows a paradox between the progressive feeling brought by the noise and speed of machines and the Italian static and established traditional role of knowledge and on the art field.


This specific moment represented the new possibilities advancing to the ‘unseen and unknown’ caused by technology and the ‘safe and glorified’ past that wouldn’t represent anymore the reality as it was on ancient times (according to futurists).


Different from the Maker’s Bill of Rights, the Chindogu tentents and the Adhocism idea, in which, in different levels, were about behavioral changes based on new understandings in relation to accessible material world, the Manifesto of Futurism was also based on…

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