proposal for a Fweet Addendum Wiki for Finnegans Wake to which all can contribute

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I am beginning to shape in my mind the idea of a Fweet Addendum Wiki to which all can contribute.
Raphael has done an incredible body of work, and it is reasonable that he wants to be
​​sure that his work meets his standards of what a listing should be.
  But of course no one person, except Joyce himself, can fully understand the range of Joyce’s ​knowledge and his use of that knowledge in Finnegans Wake. And what he did and did not​ ​intend or mean in his own mind at the time of writing.
  But in this sense to create a work to which future readers can refer it really takes the contributions of all of us.
  So the idea of a Wiki which links every page to the Fweet page as a starter,
but then​ ​lets us build in the knowledge…

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