How Most Courteously to Kill Them?

Bottled Poetry.

Greenfield, one of the oldest housees in Charlotte County, built by Isaac Read in 1771, and still inhabited by Read descendants.

Who was Anne Read of Annefield?

First, a word about her first husband, William Jameson. Pictured here are two sets of coats of arms on the tombstone of  Mildred (Smith) Jameson, wife of David Jameson, who died 10 December 1778 and is buried at Yorktown, Virginia.  Note the Jameson arms on the left (Smith, obviously, is on the right).  While not known to be a relation to William Jameson, the arms fit the description of a now lost armorial artifact that once belonged to Anne Read, the widow of William Jameson; Jameson died about 1785, as his last will and testament of 1784 announces, probably while on a perilous journey: “Whereas I am about undertaking a voyage to Great Britain, from which it may be the will of…

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