Corinne Elliott Lawton, Obituary, Savannah Morning News, 1877

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Savannah Morning News, 1877 edition from January 1 – December 31, 1877, page 337.  We later went in search of the address of her home, BUT we don’t know if it was EAST Perry Street or WEST Perry Street.  Regardless, there are no homes at either location, only newer buildings or concrete parking lots.  We wonder if the house number is a typo.

Jan. 25, 1877:  3/1 – Funeral invitation –

Lawton – The friends and acquaintances of General and Mrs. A. R. Lawton are invited to attend the funeral of their eldest daughter, Corinne, this morning at 11 o’clock from their residence 135 Perry St.


(Edited on 7/10/13)  If you would like to read an account of Corinne’s last days as written by her mother in her diary, click here.  If you would prefer to believe the trashy stories that are still being spread about her, by all means…

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