SS Drummond Castle Ship Wreck Found

Skegness Magazine

The London correspondent of the “Scotsman” says the story of how the wreck of the Drummond Castle was discovered is a very curious one, and has not yet been communicated to the public.
It will be remembered that for some time the precise spot on which the ship disappeared on the fateful night was a matter of uncertainty. Sir Donald Currie offered a substantial reward for discovery of the actual existence of the wreck. One day Masson, the Breton fisherman, who rescued the two sole survivors of the crew, was out fishing when be thought he caught a whiff of oil coming down with the wind. He followed up the clue, and came upon a space of sea on which oil was floating. He shrewdly concluded this came from the engine-room of the wreck. Getting his anchor overboard he tacked about, dragging it to…

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