“You shall yield—for the mothers’ sake!”

Letters to Ms. Feverfew

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

Angela Morgan wrote the poem at the bottom of this letter, “Battle Cry of the Mothers” during World War I. I found it  many years ago, when I was first waking up from the adoption anesthesia.  It resonated within my torn and broken heart. In the stanzas of this poem, I first found words that began to convey the great tragedy adoption was in my life. O, God! If the mothers could only speak— At that moment, I had lost the ability to speak the truth about my loss, butin the intervening years, I have found my voice. However, it was not without exquisite pain and sufferingour minds are numb and our hearts are sore!—and much anguish of the soul.

No, I did not suffer because I got pregnant before getting married, I suffered because I came to understand  the truth:…

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