13. The significance of one small grain of matter smaller than an atom in the cosmos

Thinking out-of-the-box


I believe that most modern individuals know very little concerning our life’s source, the sun and little about the galaxy that the sun travel around and even less about the universe in general. Most scientists agree that from the time the cosmos came into being the Homo Sapiens has risen to a point in history where he/she now has a near total control of the destiny of a very small grain of matter called the earth and the survival of the human race itself.

Our sun a yellow medium-sized star some 93,000,000 miles from Earth is the life source of the Earth itself. According to most physicists, our sun has existed for approximately 4.7 billion years. According to most physicists it is believed that our sun will continue to exist as it is today for an additional 4.7 billion years. Since the Sun, a medium sized star burns its fuel…

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