Happy Thanksgiving 2014

The Universe has an ebb and flow that has nothing to do with our perceptions or definitions of Life, the World, or of Ourselves.

The waves of destiny wash over us all, and just as the force behind the tides change so does our awareness of all that lies just beyond.

Waves that shake us, that break us yet just when we think we can swim no more…they “make” us.

Regardless of their subtly or catastrophe, they are the continual catalyst of our transformation.

A change that when we embrace and release our attachments, we become more than we once as human beings could of ever imagined.

This year I am thankful for the storm. I am grateful for the fight.

For possessing from within and above the soul and spirit strong enough to show up. I am humbled by the energy that calmed, carried and allowed me to see.

See the beauty and the gift of every minute I was “lost” in the fog of fear, doubt and heart “break”. Levels of darkness, I never knew “existed”.

Leaving me with the assurance that I will forever more write of the absolute revelation in learning they never actually did.

I appreciate with an honest heart the days I overcame myself. Endless days when I would have tried to be convinced I had nothing.

Drowning in the implied despair created from loosing “love”, my things, my home, and the world as I knew it.

Tangible entities that from their absence would surely define my nothingness.

However, in simply accepting them for what they were. No more, no less.

Merely transitory devastations…I gained the TRUE value of ALL things infinite and eternal.

The treasure of a lifetime. The gold within… Internal wealth that anchored myself to the truth in my endless hope that in the end love wins.

Today and everyday of this life forward I am THANKFUL for the year behind. Three hundred and sixty five days that has passed in minutes.

For the people who stayed, who came and those who’s time it was to go.

The enormity of in the power of the collective.

A force strong enough to shatter the duality of my reality.

For no longer do I forsake the darkness that tore through walls within.

Self placed walls, limiting me in ways one can never know until they do.

Strongholds we take years to carefully hide behind.

Walls of misperceived truths that block out the totality of light that is the only truth.
A relentless light thats only purpose is to be known by us all.

PURE light that is LIFE.

A radiant LUMINOSITY, that is the purpose of each soul’s journey.

Leading us to a destiny that only unconditional LOVE can create.

LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER ~ Don’t get trapped in anything else!!

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