“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free…”



When I stopped being who I’d been, I became who I am. If I had a thousand lifetimes to live out the past nine months over and over in the hopes to string together a perfect sequence of words in which to capture all that I have learned, it would remain impossible. And yet what is truly impossible? Nothing. Therefore maybe when we find ourselves unable to do something to express something to be something the answer is as simple as we are not meant to.

I can not tell you what a peach tastes like to you nor can you tell me how you see the colors of a sunset. However, maybe that is not relevant. That is information we all assume. But why? Why do we blindly assume that everyone else knows exactly what and how we see things?

I believe it is attributed to the very basic essence within our souls that remembers the oneness of humanity. The pieces within that connect each and everyone of us. Why can we assume we know what it feels like to cold but we can’t empathize and relate on matters that don’t directly pertain to us.

We can’t remove the same walls it takes within our minds to know what a flower smells like to another human being yet when we watch them pray to a god that isn’t our own or love a man or woman we do not accept we have a great disconnect. Millions of people suddenly become aliens to each other and a great divide is formed. A gap in humanity that needs to be bridged before we all fall into the dark hole that is isolation caused by the lack of love.

We allow our own sufferings and judgements cloud our ability to see the world as organically whole as it could so easily be. Wars are not fought between men that see it is really only a reflection of themselves standing across the field. Yet they kill each other.

People judge what they think they don’t understand or agree with or disapprove of, when all along there wasn’t a question asked or opinion needed. For If you know how love, how loss, how faith and how hope feel to you…you understand the world.

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