The Sea….


“A boat is safe in the harbor…but this is not the purpose of a boat.” (Paulo Coelho)


“A warning for the brave. For those who seek to navigate life far from the protection of the harbor’s shores. Never fear the crashing waves, the sting of a relentless wind, or permanent shelter from a temporary rain. Mother Nature’s grandeur, unifying the harsh magnitude of an unforgiving perfect storm.

No, what one should fear far above the honesty of any storm, are the moments they find themselves in the solitude of thousands of miles of blue. Shades of breathtaking blue painting the horizon in every direction.

Consumed by the calm within a sudden realization, a hypnotic stillness. Spellbound by the restfulness of the water. We no longer hear the voice of the ocean now perceived to have gone silent .

The peace and serenity immediately intoxicating to all our senses causes us to forget.
and we fail to remember, the unforgiving power that is the sea. We become vulnerable, no longer mindful or respectful of the catastrophic destruction looming just below the surface.

A constant danger and a continual reality whether we chose to acknowledge it or not.

Our vigilance for survival, cast casually out of our minds the moment the danger left our sight. All we will need time and time again to weather the torrential storms of life.

A life we chose the moment we raised our sails and smiled when the fist gust caught our sails. We think only of the momentary yet transitory break in the weather.

We become complacent and blissfully unaware to all we know of the sea but do pay mind to we are not witness to it.

We ignorantly ignore the truth and with ease we repeat our hidden denials time and time again…and then we die.

We die forsaking the reality of an ever changing tide. We die dismissing the ebb and flow that is life.

Tangled in a temporary state of enchanted delusion. Foolish it may seem to most blindly trusting in the tranquil safety of the sea.

For the sea is never safe and a cost to witness the absolute vulnerability of sheer power at rest. The price is paid time and time gain by those green and naive.

By those who ever dare trust in the fake calm of the sea.”
SEH / Fake Calm

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