Today is just a day to smile! I can not stop! The world feels electric and yet it looks the way it did yesterday and every day before that! However, what I have determined the cause of this change is the added flow of energy! The thousands of tiny vibrations rushing upon my soul, screaming within the words of absolute certainty..”yes, Sarah…Yes!”  “You” ARE and have always been right where you needed to be!” “Be proud and trust in all of it….. every step….for the slightest of movements, as well as the times you remained still, all created  your journey. A journey that has lead you to these days drenched in gratitude. A life that allows your days to be spent chasing and writing the greatest dream you’ve ever had!”……”Sarah, this is your heaven on earth!

“Art is the sum of all the active energies of Mankind.” ~ The Dance of Life by Ellis

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