…It’s time

….page 5

                     “Dreaming only that in writing my story in its entirety I will have painted half a picture. A picture produced from words that although printed in black seem to feel when they are read by anyone, to electrify the soul vividly with colors of their own lives.

Words that have a feeling rather than a meaning and the truth and humility of their arrangement allows for others to borrow fragments to fill the gaps within themselves. Ultimately this is the story of a journey and that journey while it is mine, yet authentically drenched in universal truths it could belong to anyone.

Insights and lessons pliable enough for anyone regardless of demographic, creed, religion, or age to find what they seek from my words form their own.

My only hope and or any desired success I seek as a writer, is to have discovered within myself the ability to leave behind just enough paint, so that after the last page is read, anyone can and will paint perfectly the other half of the picture that I began by writing this book and it will manifest into all it was ever meant to be.” ~ Untitled seh

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